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Alchemy of Avalon LLC
Tea shop and apothecary for the magical and medicinal, inspired by Avalon and Witchcraft. Loose leaf tea, herbs, salves, tinctures, perfume oils, essential oil sprays, tea accessories.

Intuitive Tarot Readings with Winifred offer insight and wisdom, empowering your journey of personal transformation.


Community Care Apothecary
Magical and medicinal herbal apothecary & artisan shop. Locally grown~small batch~queercrafted with care. Organic herbs, teas, tinctures, salves, witch’s apothecary supplies, queer witch & trans magic bags, plant spirit ornaments, witchy tea towels, hanging dried herb bundles from this year’s harvests.

EarthSpirit Community
Pagan ritual CDs, and Information about EarthSpirit open events: Rites of Spring, Twilight Covening, A Feast of Lights, open circles in the Northampton area.

The Finch Gallery
I am a Northampton-born pagan artist and gallery owner selling my artwork. Paintings, giclée prints, art merchandise such as T shirts, tote bags and greeting cards.

Hazelwood Arts
Original nature based prints and artwork inspired by fantasy creatures, the landscape and myth. Prints, paintings, buttons, stickers, bookmarks and original drawings and paintings.

Karen’s Crowns and Hats
Variety of Hand made crowns including but not limited to antler, fur, flower, beaded, veil. Variety of embellished hats.

Heart of the Earth Arts
Description to come.

The LoonWitch
The LoonWitch is an internationally known psychic offering readings and aura photography, tarot, and rune readings.

Sacred Healing Drums
Sacred Healing Drums offers handmade frame drums, beaters, rattles and shamanic drum healing sessions. Handmade frame drums, Beaters for hand drums, Handmade rattles, Shamanic drum healing sessions.

Stormslegacy Designs
Stormslegacy makes surreal animal inspired art and merchandise including prints, postcards, t-shirts and vinyl stickers. Art prints and postcards of animals with spiritual themes, animal tribal stickers, handmade axolotl t-shirts.