Sarah Stockwell Arthen

With her vast and unusual repertoire, Sarah spins a story into a lyrical web of sound that she wraps ever so gently around the listener, moving and changing them. Her presence is as compelling as her performances are unforgettable, awakening the heart and mind of those lucky enough to hear her remarkable song interpretations.

Dan Frank

Dan Frank has been playing Hurdy-Gurdy and studying various forms of traditional music for the past 20 odd years. His repertoire on this ancient instrument comes from diverse sources, ranging from Celtic and Scandinavian to EDM and modern composers. He currently plays with the quartet Forest Avenue and his duo, Collusion.

Chris LaFond

Chris performs on the Celtic harp, guitar, and voice. He offers a mix of traditional and modern Celtic music that reconnect us both to Celtic heritage and to the Earth.  Chris is also a Master Astrologer of the Society of Astrologers, specializing in traditional, pre-modern, methods of and prediction. He offers classes, lectures, and readings.