A Brief Introduction to Paganism

Pagan Pride Day Sites

Pagan Pride Project http://www.paganpride.org/

Western MA Pagan Pride Day https://wmppd.org/  

Eastern MA Pagan Pride Day https://easternmasspaganpride.org/

Southeast MA Pagan Pride Day http://www.semappd.org/

Pagan/Heathen Organizations

The EarthSpirit Community http://earthspirit.com/  (Western MA)

Earth Traditions https://www.earthtraditions.org/ (Wisconsin)

Covenant of the Goddess https://cog.org/ (Local Councils in the South, Southwest, and PA)

Circle Sanctuary https://www.circlesanctuary.org/ (Wisconsin & Midwest)

Chase Hill https://chasehillvt.org/ (Heathen Community in Southern VT)

Pagan Blogs and Publications

Glasse Witch Cottage https://glassewitchcottage.com/ (Maryland)

EarthSpirit Voices https://earthspiritvoices.wordpress.com/ (Massachusetts)

The Wild Hunt https://wildhunt.org/ (Pagan News and Perspectives)


Chris talks with WWLP Mass Appeal‘s Patrick Berry about Pagan Pride Day 2021.