Sacred Circle Dances

Juniper Talbot

Join us in dancing the simple, joyful and spiritual dances of the circle. Founded by members of the Findhorn Community in Scotland, Sacred Circle Dances draw on the spiritual and community-based traditional dances of many cultures. In this workshop, we will learn and dance Circle Dances to honor the Earth and welcome the harvest. These dances are simple and easily learned by all abilities.

Juniper Talbot has over 35 years of experience with ritual and magic. She was initiated into Lenai Aine, a Celtic-based witchcraft coven in 1982, and is currently an Elder in this coven. Juniper has been facilitating Sacred Dance workshops and events for many years and currently leads a monthly Sacred Circle dance in West Cummington, MA. She is also a professional Tarot Reader and Dream Worker.

Wicca & Witchcraft…
Where do I begin?

Jennifer B.

So, you’ve just discovered the thread, that when pulled, leads you to the whole web of possibilities of the world that Wicca and Witchcraft are part of. Where to begin? There is so much information available out there! What are reliable resources? What are good basic places to begin? We’ll talk about:
What is Wicca?
What is witchcraft?
The Pagan Wheel of the year
A few basic books to begin exploring with Established organizations and local resources to check out

Jennifer has been a “Priestess-at-large” and Pagan clergy in the Valley for over 25 years—performing weddings and funerals and also creating and participating in many public rituals. She is a member of the national organization Covenant of the Goddess, from which she currently holds clergy credentials. She is also a 25+ year member of EarthSpirit Community. She has studied with Lillith McClleland, is a Third Road Tradition initiate, has studied Reiki and is currently studying (for the past 7+ years) Fairy Seership with Orion Foxwood. By day, she is a mild-mannered Administrative Assistant.

Everyday Heathenry

Trey Wentworth

Many Heathen workshops focus on the Northern gods, how to perform ritual, and what seasonal holidays we celebrate. But what does it mean to be Heathen everyday? This workshop will explore the importance of land spirits, ancestors, and other animistic beings, the role of Wyrd and Luck in Heathen practice, and how the sacred stories can inform our everyday lives.

Trey is a queer witch, seer, and goðar in the Heathen tradition. In the deep woods of the Green Mountains they lead the Chase Hill kindred, which they founded in 2010. Trey teaches Heathen practice and lore through workshops, writing, ritual, and daily life, and presents at local and regional events in New England. Trey is also a writer of novels, poetry, and songs, and has published under the name Trey Moonwood.

What is Paganism?

Irene Glasse

Join Irene for a dive into the wide world of modern Paganism! We’ll cover core beliefs, practices, culture, celebrations, and more. If you’ve been curious about exploring Paganism, or simply separating fiction from reality, this workshop is for you.

Irene Glasse is a longtime teacher of witchcraft, meditation, and magick in the mid-Atlantic. She is the co-author of Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training (Dragon Alchemy, 2022) and has performed, taught workshops, and led rituals at many festivals and conferences over the years. Irene is the main organizer of the Frederick Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (Frederick CUUPS), offering events, rituals, classes and workshops to a large, vibrant community.