Sacred Circle Dances

Juniper Talbot

Join us in dancing the simple, joyful and spiritual dances of the circle. Founded by members of the Findhorn Community in Scotland, Sacred Circle Dances draw on the spiritual and community-based traditional dances of many cultures. In this workshop, we will learn and dance Circle Dances to honor the Earth and welcome the harvest. These dances are simple and easily learned by all abilities.

Juniper Talbot has over 35 years of experience with ritual and magic. She was initiated into Lenai Aine, a Celtic-based witchcraft coven in 1982, and is currently an Elder in this coven. Juniper has been facilitating Sacred Dance workshops and events for many years and currently leads a monthly Sacred Circle dance in West Cummington, MA. She is also a professional Tarot Reader and Dream Worker.

What is Heathenry?

Jac Sinclair

Join a conversation with Heathens and those who are curious about Heathenry to explore and share about this spiritual tradition which was native to Northern Europe.

Jac is a priestess of Freyja and witch. Some of her sacred work includes re-membering and creating beauty through ritual, writing, cooking, drumming, and more. She has been studying and practicing runic magic in the Reindeer Clan tradition. She is a Þegna (Thane) of the Chase Hill Kin, a Heathen Kindred located in Southeastern, VT.

An Introduction to Paganism

Sarahluna Chandler

The word ‘pagan’ encompasses all sorts of traditions, and all sorts of expectations. But what is a pagan? What do pagans do? How to Witches, Wiccans, Animists, Heathens, and more fit in? Come find out as Sarahluna talks about the origins of the word, the modern day scene, and the holidays that they celebrate.